Tech April Fool By Various Technology Company

In this year 2018 a lot of people just waiting for the day, which is april fool day and make different kind of prank on others and make fun with them and enjoy. Then meanwhile a lot of tech company announced there tech news and which is really some people think about it that it […]

Hyperloop In india

We all known that time is very precious for us but in travelling, we waste our precious time, in train, bus or our private vehicle[car, bike etc] for travel in different locations. But we don’t have to worried about our time because hyperloop is the best option for travelling with a amazing speed of 240mph […]

Union Budget Of India 2018 Technology Announcements

On 1st February 2018 union budget of India will be announce by Arun jaitley for development of india. There is lot of things in budget but i will tell you about technology related announcements. We know that India is on 2nd rank in population and around 70% of Indians lives in rural area and remaining […]

2018 Technology Predictions

1. 5g internet 5th generation mobile networks, we have different types of network providers around us and some broadband services and they provide us different types of plans in various cost with different speeds while as we want is goods speed to browse fast internet which is save our time to do anything quickly and […]